About me

Roman Żuchowicz

Department of Ancient History
Faculty of History
University of Warsaw

E-mail: romanzuchowicz@gmail.com

Phone: +48 660 749 703


  •  PHD Studies in Faculty of History, University of Warsaw (2015-ongoing )
  •  M.A. in Ancient History, Institute of History, University of Warsaw (2012-2015)
  •  B.A. in Sociology, Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw (2009-2012)

Research Topics:
Late Roman Empire, Lucian of Samosata, Books-burning, Self-immolations, Yezidism, Religions of the Silk Road, Greco-Bactrian and Greco-Indian Kingdoms.

Works in Preparation:

  • Buddhism and the Roman Empire (will be printed in late 2016)
  • Diocletian and Alchemy (article in preparation)

You can follow my on Academia.edu:


Popular Articles:

I published more then thirty popular articles. Some of them are available in open access: http://historia.focus.pl/autor/roman-zuchowicz

Professional Papers:

  • Terebinthus: polemical construct or historical figure? An investigation about historicity of some ‘Buddha’ in Acta Archelai”- Paper presented at the Conference: Long distance trade in Asia in the 1st millennium AD. Exchange of goods and ideas; University of Warsaw, April 20, 2016


  • European summer school in epigraphy, University of Poitiers (2013)
  • Summer School in Georgian Manuscript, National Center of Manuscript in Tbilisi (2014)
  • Epidoc Workshop, University College of London (2016)
  • Summer school in the Turfanforschung, Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (will be held in August 2016)


  • Classes in Ancient History (will held in 2016/17)